NodeMCU WLED Setup

Software  Hardware 
Wiring This wiring is NOT best practice, however, for th epurposes of testing it’ll work just fine. If you want a proper setup I suggest reading Adafruit’s NeoPixel UberGuide. The main issue here is that the LEDs are being powered directly from the board, on a 3v3 line, rather than an external power supply. Furthermore, there is 0 protection against power surges whihc could potentially fry the LEDs. WLED Setup WLED is a piece of software that will run on an ESP8266 enabled device with both a web GUI and an Android application to control it.
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My PC My PC is what I use to write most of my code and I am also quite an avid gamer so it needs to be able to handle some triple A titles. I recently did an upgrade to the PC, completely overhauling the system from a 4th generation i5 to a Ryzen 1700x system. The main reason for the upgrade was I required more cores due to my use of virtual machines as well as the opportunity to make the whole system far smaller (as I travel around more than I used to).
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